Corporate Services

Ergonomic Training and Consulting

Prevent injury, decrease loss of revenue, increase employee productivity through regular trainings to supervisors and employees.

  • Virtual Office ergonomics for remote employees
  • Group ergonomic training
  • Individual work-site assessments
  • Injury prevention, health and wellness training
  • Ergonomic Short Screen for quick office/desk set-up
  • Full ergonomic assessment for those with current pain/problems.



The increased use of computers has increased Musculoskeletal Disorders(MSD) in the workplace. Prolonged sitting, poor posture, poor desk set-up, along with an increasingly obese population have increased costs to businesses.  Through proper assessments and training your business can decrease direct and indirect costs of worker related injuries. Proper training leads to increased employee morale and productivity.



Accommodation and food service workers tend to be young, inexperienced workers that have varying working conditions, awkward postures and long hours. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012, there were 5.2 non-fatal injuries per 100 workers in accommodations and 3.4 non-fatal injuries per 100 workers in food service.  Injuries cost employers directly and indirectly.  Incorporating proper ergonomic training can decrease overall costs of worker’s comp insurance and time lost by employees.


Heavy Labor

Fire fighters, trail crew, park rangers, construction workers and any other heavy labor industry all have physically demanding jobs. These jobs require high levels of fitness and health to prevent injury along with good ergonomics. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012, non-fatal injuries range from 3.2 to 10.2 injuries per 100 workers depending on classification.  Proper ergonomics, safety and fitness training can greatly reduce injuries and costs to employers.

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