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I received great care. I came in with back pain, hardly able to move. In two visits I was much more mobile and back hiking 7 miles. I highly recommend Results Physical therapy for your back pain.

 Jane, Estes Park

IO is awesome! I went in January for a pulled lower back. My back was so tight that I could not bend over and reach any further than my upper thighs. Spasms and aching pain were keeping me from any activity. She treated, gave me exercises to do at home and within a week I was downhill skiing again and within 2- 1/2 weeks I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. I am now back to full range of motion and activity!!! I highly recommend IO. Because she is an athlete herself, she has invaluable insight into helping her clients achieve optimum results.

Linda, Estes Park

I tore my ACL in a skiing accident a few months before I started my season as an employee at Rocky Mountain National Park. I had reconstruction surgery about a month before I moved out to Estes and started physical therapy but still had a long ways to go to gain my strength back. After a hiccup in the middle of the season I realized I needed to see a physical therapist that would work harder with me to help me gain this muscle back. A friend of mine suggested I go to Results Physical Therapy so I decided to give it a try. IO put me right to work at strengthening my muscles around my knee and throughtout my leg. In a matter of a few months I could see an incredible increase in muscle mass and all around more stability throughout. IO did an amazing job taking me through exercises and helping me understand how they would benefit me. I would definitely suggest Results Physical Therapy to anyone who was in need of some treatment.Jill, Estes Park

I went to Iolanthe Culjak for physical therapy in Estes Park after going to the hand specialist at the Orthopedic/Spine Center of the Rockies in Loveland, CO. My little finger on my left hand is quite arthritic and painful, and since I am a musician (cellist), I was having a lot of trouble using that finger in my music. “IO” was very professional and very helpful. She used her knowledge and experience from working with athletes to help relieve the pain and get a better range of motion in the small joints in my finger, with positive results. I highly recommend “IO” for physical therapy. We are fortunate to have her in Estes Park.

Blue, Estes Park

Amazing steady pain reduction through all 5 visits.

Lynn, Estes Park

I highly recommend “IO” Culjak as a physical therapist.  She eases pain and builds strength in the affected areas.  She is excellent at restoring range of motion.  Because of her positive personality, she is easy and fun to work with.

P.E., Estes Park

I’ve been working with “IO” for the past 5 weeks; she is helping me recover from an upper arm injury.  She knows her stuff!!  I have received good advice from her as to what would be safe exercises to do and what to avoid..  She is well experienced and works with the Doctors in town to help patients recover.

Kate, Estes Park

I always learn something from “IO.”  That is why I like coming here. I feel stronger and my balance is a lot better than it used to be.

Mary Lou, Estes Park

I received very excellent care, all that can be expected. I had great results. I still do the exercises I was given.

Tom, Estes Park

My daughter was having pain when she practiced acrobatics. After a recommendation from her pediatrician she worked with Io, and quickly found ways to deal with the problem. Io did some specific massage, taught strength and balance exercises, and made the sessions fun for my nine year old!

A.B., Estes Park

I met Iolanthe when I tore my labrum after a fall. Surgery was really not an option for me; I wanted my body to heal itself. With IO as my physical therapist, I was able to regain 100% range of motion. I really like how she makes her clients accountable. She knows if you are doing your “homework”.

I would highly recommend her as your physical therapist.

Paula, Estes Park

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